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About PSS

Business moves at light speed today, requiring that every company continuously reexamine direction, strategies, information system literally every variable and relationship that might lead to greater efficiency. PSS Pro Series is the first accounting software solution to deliver on the promise of intelligent, complete and user-friendly applications for all size businesses. Advanced customization features allow for tailored workflow configuration and modular implementation as well as business processes adapted to your industry.

Peoples Software Solution will allow you to access your business from anywhere. You will be able to enter data from home or you may be somewhere in the USA, or you might just want to see what your cashier in Negril is cashing while you are in Kingston. This also allows us to address any software queries you may have over the Internet. PSS Pro Series was developed in Jamaica so there is no need to get expensive oversea support.


PSS Pro Series can be easily customized to meet your needs. All our modules can stand-alone or can be integrated, which allows for real time updates at the touch of a button. In the following pages we have set out some of the main features of our modules but PSS Pro Series is so much more, so we therefore implore you to have us come in and do a demonstration and address your questions.

We thank you for your interest in PSS Pro Series and look forwards to working with you. We at PSS give you our guarantee of an excellent product and PHENOMENAL CUSTOMER SERVICE


For over 15 years People Software Solution has provided customers with powerful and flexible accounting and business management software that meets the exact needs of their business. Many other accounting solutions require you to make changes to your core business processes in order to utilize their software – costing your business far more than the price of the software in time and decreased productivity from re-training your staff. People Software Solution's accounting and business management software has the ability to conform to your unique business processes and evolve as your business dictates. People Software Solution's flagship accounting system is the culmination of over two decades of experience in providing flexible, real-time business information solutions to our many users. PSS Pro Series is on the job in several industries, from hardware distributors, to manufacturers of apparel, supermarkets, gas stations, haberdasheries and cellular phone providers PSS business management and accounting solutions deliver vital up-to-the-minute information on your business, whenever you need to know. An accurate picture of your current business situation can make the crucial difference in today's competitive business environment and increase your bottom line.

PSS provides superior business management and accounting tools along with top-notch customer support. PSS offers support plans including maintenance updates and upgrades and technical support.

Marketing team on a daily basis seeks to find more and more people in need of automated business applications.
Customer Support is the life blood of our organization and is always ready, willing and able to deal with all customer queries.
Programmers are always developing and implementing new ways to make our applications better.
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