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Full Installation Services

We Provide full installation Services for:
  • Networking - Cabling, Central Printing, Server/clients relations
  • Website Development - Domain registration, Site hosting
  • Point of Sale - POS systems, cashier drawers, barcode scanners, touch screen monitors, receipt printers.
Below is a list of some of our products.

Point Of Sale Module
This package is used widely for over the counter sales in many different companies. Where you would have order and pay the same time, or order point to cashier point to delivery point.
Payroll Module
This application comprises for today's payroll in the Caribbean, which tracks weekly, fortnightly, monthly, casual and contract workers payout. The reports are fully featured with annual returns, weekly tax deductions, education tax deduction, etc. The system also comes with a employee time sheet and days worked period.
Gas Station Module
This package is an extension to the point of sales system, which keeps the records of all the pumps and nozzle movement based on volumes and sales by recording pump attendants shift and the deposit throughout a period.
Trucking & Chassis Module
This package is developed for the purpose of trucking companies shuttling containers to and from location, and be able to charge rentals on chassis based on move of customers. The package also reports payout to drivers and sidemen based on moves made.
Pharmaceutical Module
This package is an extension of the point of sales modules. Which controls the dispensing of the over counter drugs and also keeps a patient profile, doctor profile, large labeling database, insurance profile with verification features and a lot more pharmaceutical features and reports.
Insurance Brokers Module
This package is for the purpose of motor vehicle insurance brokers, recording clients premium and insurance period, with extension reports.
Inventory Control Module
This package is for the purpose of stock taking and stock monitoring. Easily deployed to monitor your stock inventory in house or remotely.
Loyalty Card System
Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior — behavior which is potentially of benefit to your company.
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